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We're offering all U.S.-based frontline workers 25% off a tax-saving trust.

The pandemic has been challenging for everyone. But you, our frontline workers, have faced an even greater burden/ Valur wants to support you as best we can.

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Selling your business

Defer 100% of the capital gain taxes when you sell your business and reinvest the savings in your next venture, or for retirement.

Selling crypto

You've decided to take some gains off the table. Eliminate the taxes and redeploy 100% of your capital immediately.

Selling public stock

You made a smart bet, and it's paid off. Diversify your portfolio and eliminate the otherwise debilitating tax bill in the process.

Selling real estate

Write off the gains when you sell the family home, a rental unit, or a bigger property so you can take on the next project or diversify.

Selling startup equity

It's the biggest win you're likely to see. Keep more of it and make your hard-earned gains work for you.

High ordinary income

You're a high earner, and you no longer need much liquidity. Learn how you can write off up to 100% of your income this year.

Reducing estate tax

You've done well, for yourself and your family. Plan for the next generation today, and do it tax free.

Keep more of your hard-earned capital gains with a trust

Simple, flexible plans for any asset

With a tax efficient trust you can double (or more) what you take home from your asset sale over time. Our tax-exempt accounts protect your earnings from capital gains taxes.

Like an IRA or 401(k), a tax-planning trust allows you to defer your state and federal capital gains taxes when you sell an appreciated asset, like company equity, a small business, or real estate.
Choose the trust term that works for you, include the beneficiaries you want, and invest in virtually any assets you want.
You're not the only one who wins with a CRUT. After you've cashed out your additional earnings, whatever is left in the trust will go to the charity of your choice.
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It's the simple, accessible way to reduce the taxes on your pension, investments, and other income.


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Answer a few simple questions. Create your trust by deciding which plan is right for you and your family, customized to meet your needs.


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Sign and finalize your documents. Review, sign, and notarize your trust in 15 minutes.


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Work with us. We'll help you optimize your trust for long-term returns, immediate income, or whatever your goals are.

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