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What we do

We make it easy to make the tax code work for you. We have built technology to make sure everyone has access to the tax- and financial-planning tools that used to be available only to billionaires.


I founded Valur while preparing for an IPO and living in San Francisco. Like most people in my position, I had heard the stories of billionaires avoiding taxes, and I had a simple ask: “What can I do to protect my hard-earned gains?” I was surprised that it wasn't easy to find a solution (never mind that the solution offered might not even be the best one). I was told that it would cost five figures up front and I'd have to have months of informational meetings with lawyers, and then there would be expensive ongoing payments to trust administrators. Somehow, technology had not made it any easier or cheaper to access these solutions.


We built Valur to make it seamless and simple to identify, set up, and take care of the optimized tax- and estate-planning structures typically used by the ultrawealthy like Mark Zuckerburg and Phil Knight -- structures that can earn you more than 70% additional returns.

Valur's founder and CEO, Mani Mahadevan

Mani Mahadevan | Founder & CEO

What we're doing

We're upending the traditional tax mitigation market

No commitment, low cost (and nothing up front!). With Valur we setup your trust agreement and accounts for no cost and once you move your assets into your trust, we charge a low flat fee and a fraction of a percent of assets under management.

Legacy service providers (read: lawyers and accountants) charge tens of thousands of dollars for sophisticated tax planning, and they demand the money up front. If the plan they draft doesn't end up working for you, you're out of luck.

A pile of cash and cryptocurrency representing savings from using Valur
A tech worker moving quickly and accurately toward a tax solution for their equity

Tech-enabled speed and accuracy. Our proprietary software gets you set up in a matter of hours or days unlike typical lawyers who often take 4-8 weeks from initial contact before you're able to move your assets into your trust.

We're with you for the long term. Other providers will draft a trust for you and might help you set up a trust account. We will do that and handle all the ongoing trust administration from regulations governing trust investments, trust specific accounting rules and tax filings.

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Thousands of users and use cases just like yours

Selling your business

Defer 100% of the capital gain taxes when you sell your business and reinvest the savings in your next venture, or for retirement.

Selling crypto

You've decided to take some gains off the table. Eliminate the taxes and redeploy 100% of your capital immediately.

Selling public stock

You made a smart bet, and it's paid off. Diversify your portfolio and eliminate the otherwise debilitating tax bill in the process.

Selling real estate

Write off the gains when you sell the family home, a rental unit, or a bigger property so you can take on the next project or diversify.

Selling startup equity

It's the biggest win you're likely to see. Keep more of it and make your hard-earned gains work for you.

High ordinary income

You're a high earner, and you no longer need much liquidity. Learn how you can write off up to 100% of your income this year.

Reducing estate tax

You've done well, for yourself and your family. Plan for the next generation today, and do it tax free.

Proven results and real impact

Our users have created hundreds of millions of dollars of additional gains with our tax planning solutions. And they've been able to commit even more to charity.

$619 million +

in additional gains created with tax-planning trusts, renewable energy tax credits, and more

$785 million +

in charitable contributions facilitated with charitable trusts

CryptoStartup equityPublic stockAngel investmentsLP share
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