Tax and estate planning made simple, for you and your clients

Valur allows advisors and their clients to identify, understand and implement tax and estate-planning to create more wealth.

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Valur makes it simple to solve your clients' tax-planning needs

Advisors are always being pushed to create more value for their clients. Valur allows you to offer seamless, high-quality tax-planning options for your clients taxes so they can grow their net worth faster, and so you can invest in your most important asset: your relationships.


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Why Valur?

How Valur can save your clients money


Show off your value

The returns from tax planning are large and concrete. Valur allows advisors to show that value — their value — in compelling ways.


Stand out from the crowd

Valur's decision engine and tax planning reports help you demonstrate the value of working with you.


Make the process easier

Valur works with advisors to create a seamless consistent onboarding experience in less than a day.

How we work with advisors

The process is simple, and the benefits are huge. We'll be by your side from beginning to end.



We aim to understand your client’s situation and present the tax planning options that may be a fit.



We take your client’s inputs — where they live, what assets they are planning for, their family situation, and liquidity needs, among others — and explain the potential solutions



We implement your client’s strategy, including payout calculations, drafting the trust, formalizing it, and facilitating and asset transfer.



We help you understand trust accounting principals to optimize your client’s investment strategy. Our proprietary optimization tools can increase returns by 30% or more over time.



We take care of ongoing needs, including trust administration, accounting, and filings. We also provide personal tax return documents required.


Bottom Line

We're here to be a resource. Use our expertise and our tools as much or as little as you want. Whatever it takes to help you help your clients.

Everything you need to find the tax-advantaged plan for you

Learn about your clients' options

Leverage our deep content library to ensure that your clients know and understand their options. From structure overviews to case studies to articles on the minutiae of trust accounting and administration, we leave no question unanswered.

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Financial advisor tools, capital gains, and security

Choose the right strategy

Start with our easy-to-use online calculators, customizable scenario planning and personalized planning reports to help clients understand the benefits of tax and estate planning and deepen your client relationship.

Calculate potential tax savings

We draft the legal documents

Take your clients from idea to execution — legal documents in hand and assets transferred — in as little as 30 minutes with our fully integrated onboarding platform. Onboarding is a breeze, and our smart decision engine, which helps you and your clients identify the right specific strategy, is built into the process.

How advisors work with Valur

We handle administration and accounting

Valur handles account administration while you do what you do best: financial planning. At the same time, our systems are built to work closely with yours so we can work together to optimize your investment process for your clients.

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Which Clients?

How Valur can save your clients money

Planning for Income Events

There's a set playbook for eliminating the taxes when your clients sell assets. We'll show you how to advise them well.

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Integrated Tax + Estate Planning

Most clients know they need to do estate planning. But tax planning often turns out to be more lucrative. We'll explain how the two approaches work together.

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How Valur Works with Advisors

We're here to be a resource for you, to help you win and retain clients and to help them succeed. Here's how we do that, from initial inquiry, to client development, to implementing key strategies.

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Client interest in income- and estate-tax planning is at an all-time high. As a result, you have an opportunity to differentiate yourself as individuals and families seek sophisticated planning opportunities beyond 401(k)s, IRAs, and taxable accounts. Get in touch here to learn how Valur can help you.

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